Fishing conservancy district of


The lake Furen is situated in the county of Jönköping and Kronoberg in Småland.

In Furen you will find fishes like; zander, pike, whitefish and perch.

Fishing conservancy district of Furen

The fishing area includes lake Furen and a part of Årån. Furen has a rich fish fauna. In a test fish survey 2015, eight fish species were obtained: perch, common bleak, common bream, pike, ruffe, zander, roach and vendance.

Fishing license

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General information

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Fishing rules

Fishing license entitles you to fish with 6 manual rods or 10 shear hooks/ice fishing rods.

Family card allows holders children up to 17 years of age to participate. If license is bought

through ifiske.se, the code must be included.

When trolling apply max 6 rods per boat. Only rod paravans are allowed. Vertical jigg fishing

should not occur at depths greater than 10 meters. Catch limit for rod/angel fishing for pike

and walleye are max 4 pieces of each specie/day and license.