Fishing Rules

Furen Fvo

Fishing Rules

For a sustainable fish stock

Fishing rules for Furen Fvo

Fishing license entitles you to fish with 6 manual rods or 10 shear hooks/ice fishing rods. Family card allows holders children up to 17 years of age to participate.

If license is bought through, the code must be included.

When trolling apply max 6 rods per boat. Only rod paravans are allowed. Vertical jigg fishing should not occur at depths greater than 10 meters.

Catch limit for rod/angel fishing for pike and walleye are max 4 pieces of each specie/day and license.

To ensure future fish stocks, the following dimensions are allowed:

Pike: min 50 cm max 80 cm

Zander: min 45 cm max 75 cm

Eel: min 55 cm

Keep in mind that:

  • Commercial fishing is not allowed.
  • Fishing with traps, nets, longlines and fishing for crayfish are not included in the fishing license.
  • Fishing is prohibited in Årån, as well as between Furens and Flårens fishing areas.
  • Failure to comply the rules of the fishing conservation area will be prosecuted. Violations may result in a ban on fishing in the fishing area. Purchase fee is non-refundable.
  • The card is personal and non-transferable. It must be carried while fishing and presented upon request.

For information on fishing license prices and sales of fishing permits,

please see Fishing license.

Boat rent:

Bengt Karlsson, Lagmansryd, Rydaholm

Tel: +46-(0)76-8226603

Questions regarding fishing, please contact:

Andreas Lindahl, Lagmansryd, Nyagärde 1

Tel: +46-(0)72-2026077